About Spring Branch


"...You just must start gardening, make mistakes, have successes, and then garden some more."

Mary Jane Pearson Baker is owner and designer at Spring Branch Landscapes.  After receiving a degree in Landscape Gardening from Sandhills Community College she interned at the North Carolina Botanical Garden and took further design courses at NC State University.  She has been designing and installing gardens since 1986. 

"I love what I do, the whole process: meeting a new client, seeing the potential in a site, helping a client create a vision of what is possible, and then making that vision a reality. One of the things that I find most satisfying about gardening is that you can not learn everything you need from a book. You just must start gardening, make mistakes, have successes, and then garden some more." 

We prefer to garden organically

26 Yards of Brooks Compost to be spread.

It is safer for us, for clients, their children, pets, friends, and other garden visitors that tend to show up in our gardens..  

Our methods for preparing soils make healthy gardens with plants that thrive and fill in quickly.  We use the best compost (Brooks Contractors) and amendments (principally Espoma organic products).  

In the photo above we are about to start spreading 26 yards of compost by wheelbarrow -- we do not use heavy equipment. When the compost and amendments are well-tilled into the existing soil, we plant and water in with liquid kelp for a healthy start.

With good soil and healthy plants we don't often have reasons to use pesticides and fungicides.  And there are good repellents which use botanical oils and scents, particularly I Must Garden products.